Marist Business Review

F O U N D E R ' S   L E T T E R

We Thank You For Your Support, MBR Team.  


I think we make fun of it now. There was a time no student knew who they were emailing when asking to join our team. 


Both Joseph and I would reply to hundreds of emails with the signature, Thank you, MBR Team. I think we realized we wanted to start a student-run business publication especially when we noticed that the two major business reviews in the United States were started by students supported by business schools. In 1899 students at MIT pioneered the Technology Review while decades later at Harvard they founded the Business Review in 1922. These were all great stories of students in American colleges that built a foundation for great publications to thrive.

Goodman is an international student, Bachelor of Science in Administration major from Johannesburg, South Africa. Throughout his time at Marist College, he has always been in search for opportunities where he could create a collaborative environment: where he could bring students with different backgrounds to work together. Joseph Kopp is from Long Island and is a Biomedical Science and Pre-med major. At Marist College, he cultivated friendships and created a network of students which would later be pivotal to the growth of the Review. We started the publication in the summer of 2017 through phone conversations. Marist College’s business program had been ranked as one of the best undergraduate education by Bloomberg Businessweek. Today the Marist Business Review has produced the same content it took for the Cornell Business Review to produce in almost 2 years. It took our team, 8 weeks. We are both grateful and thankful to the students in our team. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Freddimir García, MBA for advising  our team since we began. The executive board, our writers, parents, professors, and friends. Including everyone who has given us some level of counsel as we build the Marist Business Review. We wanted to conclude with a message to generations that will come after us at Marist College. Making the Marist Business Review has not been easy; we began with funding the publication out of pocket, led our team meetings in unconventional ways because we were not a club. 


That is it: when you truly believe in something: an idea or a dream. Go for it, it may not necessarily conform to the status quo or some rules but you have to have the courage and the belief that it will work. You have to truly believe that anything is possible.


Thank you, MBR Team; 


Goodman Lepota

Class of 2018 


Joseph Kopp

Class of 2018